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. Reference - Control of the etching of silicon wafers at company INTEGRAL - Minsk, Belarusia

 Control of the etching of silicon wafers at company INTEGRAL - Minsk, Belarusia

 Implemented by: CSVG a.s., GEOVAP, spol. s r.o. 

INTEGRAL is a global development and production company supplying integrated circuits, semiconductors, LCDs, medical equipment, digital watches, and other products.
In 2015, the company decided to supply two wet benches for the etching of silicon wafers. As a control system for this technology they chose our control system Tecomat TC700 and for visualization of the whole process they chose SCADA system Reliance. Implementation of the control system was done by company CSVG and company GEOVAP was responsible for developing software for the control system and for creating the visualization project.

Control system

Tecomat TC700 is used to control the complete process, which involves the removal of silicon wafers' photoresist after performing the process of photolithography and the removal of residual dust particles smaller than one micrometer from the surface of the silicon wafers.
In second part of the process, the control system takes care of replenishing the loss of hydrogen peroxide in the etching solution and regulating the process temperature and the solution level.
In further step, the control system evaluates the solution concentration again and, based on a request, keeps the solution concentration, temperature, and solution level constant. According to a created process program, ultra-pure water quick dump rinses are applied to the silicon wafers between individual chemical processes. Based on the program, the Tecomat PLC controls the process of quick dump rinsing and monitors the purity and temperature of the water using a resistivity meter.
All handling is performed by a manipulator, which is controlled by another TC700 PLC and a GT-7752 biaxial positioning module.
All data from the control system is passed to the industrial touch panel PC equipped with Reliance 4 Control. Using visualization screens, the Reliance SCADA/HMI system allows the operator to monitor the process and alarm reports, set parameters including recipes, and use trends and reports to view historical data.
More details of this reference you can read at

Visualization screens examples

Image: Main control screen
Image: Robot calibration


Belarusia, Minsk

Control of the etching of silicon wafers at company INTEGRAL - Minsk, Belarusia


Control system:
2 x Tecomat TC700

Mosaic, 2 x Reliance 4 Control for 500 data points

Implemented by:
CSVG a.s., GEOVAP, spol. s r. o.

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